Women and Stress

Are you often impatient, worried, angry or stressed?

Women tend to be more sensitive than men to stressors in relationships with family, friends and their partners.

A leading stressor for women is role strain – carrying the load of housework and childcare while holding down a paying job.

Women ruminate more over upsetting situations, going over and over negative thoughts and feelings, especially if they have to do with relationships.

Therapy can help you regain control of your emotions and teach you healthy ways to express your wants and needs in relationships. Women often play the role of caretaker to others in their lives, but can find it difficult to practice self-care. When you care for yourself, you are more able to be present emotionally and physically with those important to you.

Therapy can help through teaching you stress management and coping skills and through helping you gain an understanding of the situations that are leading to the stress in your life so that you can make effective changes.

If you are wondering whether therapy can be helpful to you in managing your stress or anxiety, give me a call or click here. I’m happy to discuss your specific situation with you.

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